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Technology Consultants
seconded professionals. provides in-house training Certified inspectors L2 / L3 Independent variety and yet a permanent contract
Working at Technology Consultants

We connect technical ambitions with petrochemical projects

We expressly see it as our task to guide, educate and train our employees and to allow them to gain work experience in the (petro)chemical industry at various clients.

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We invest in education and training for all our employees so that they have all the knowledge


Over 50 years of experience with clients in the (petro)chemical and offshore industry

Permanent position

80% of our employees have secured permanent positions in the industry

For clients

What you need to know as a client

Not every petrochemical company is the same. For example, it makes quite a difference whether we are dealing with a batch or a continuous process. Are we dealing with corrosive products, contamination or erosion of equipment? It then differs which inspection strategy we can apply. There is sufficient knowledge within our organization to assess inspection strategies and to determine whether we follow the NL-CBI, for example. We look at the options available to carry out the inspections as efficiently as possible and to keep the downtime as short as possible. It is not always convenient to set up an IVG for the client, sometimes it is more useful to look at other options such as other suitable research or parallel working devices. If the appliance has packing / scraper rings, a different period for the visual internal inspection may be observed and the packing / filling does not have to be removed. Make an appointment and we will discuss what is possible.

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About Technology Consultants

What we've been doing all this time

Since 1973, TC has been engaged in the temporary deployment of employees at clients. It is TC’s mission to accommodate as many employees as possible, regardless of origin, in the flexible employment process.

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