For clients

Technology Consultants bv has:

  • Quality management system, ISO 9001:2015
  • Safety Checklist secondment agencies, VCU 2011/05
  • Included in Labor Standards Register, SNA NEN 4400

For companies where it makes sense, we set up an IVG and monitor the continuity of this department. The IVG status is secured if the Level 3 Senior Inspector accepts another position elsewhere due to the flexibiliti of our Level 3 inspectors at the office for you as a client.

We provide the inspectors for the smaller companies and build up the inspection department in order to become a fully-fledged discussion partner for the NL-CBI (formerly AKI). This approach allows us to clarify the sense and nonsense of inspection requirements.

Investigating maximum reassessment period is part of the work to improve the availability of the installation. Coordinating the inspections with the maintenance organization and sharing this information is one of the spearheads to improve failure behavior and operational reliability.

We look at inspection methods other than opening appliances unnecessarily, but inspect where it is really necessary by setting up an “Other Appropriate Investigation” system, so that assets can remain closed. An example of this is performing a visual external inspection supplemented with US wall thickness measurements instead of opening the appliance, cleaning it and making it accessible for the inspector.

Make an appointment without obligation with one of our Senior Inspectors to see what is possible for your company.