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Working at Technology Consultants

The colleagues with whom you will work are spread over the various factories in the Rotterdam port area, but also in Limburg, North Holland and Zeeland. The exchange of knowledge in the field is an important aspect within TC to quickly recognize and solve problems. By keeping in touch with you, we can determine how your learning curve develops. If we see that this learning curve is leveling off, we will talk to you to determine whether you need a new challenge.

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Application process

To start the application procedure we need your CV, this CV tells more about you than the mandatory fields you have to fill in at LinkedIn. Based on your CV, we will invite you for an interview, in which your CV is the basis. After this we can determine a route for you to follow. We give you the opportunity to start alongside experienced colleagues or we guide you from the office by visiting regularly (depending on your needs) to discuss progress. Send your CV describing your work experience and the education you have followed. In any case, state on your resume:

  • Address and place of residence
  • Birthdate and place
  • Followed courses
  • Work experience

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Terms of employment

80% of the employees have a contract for an indefinite period with a guaranteed year-end bonus linked to this. An excellent pension scheme that grows with you to your current living situation. Thanks to the flexible shell, you can choose to have your overtime paid or to save for a longer dream trip. It is often also possible for our clients to work flexibly in consultation.

Just come and talk and we can go through the terms and conditions of employment with you.

What do colleagues say?

Various colleagues have been asked to give their opinion on TC and the guidance they receive to do their job well. Where can they go within TC with questions? Are they listened to and what about the career opportunities? Below some quotes:

I myself ended up in the petrochemical industry from ship repair / offshore via TC, I had done IKT, but experienced it as a different world with fortunately still some common ground. After having had a number of conversations with TC, a profile of me was established, which determined which client would suit me as a person and my experience. In order to get off to a good start at our client, I was first placed next to an experienced inspector for a few weeks, those weeks were worth gold to me, and there is also a technical manager who can be reached daily and came by 1 morning a week in the early days to answer any questions. I have been working for TC for almost 2 years now with the same client, partly because of the way I am treated by both TC and the client, I really enjoy it.