Maintenance Work Activity Coördinator

Within this branch of sport you will start as a Mechanical Supervisor and you will be responsible for managing the various disciplines within a large new construction project or during a large TurnAround of a factory. In case of proven suitability, you are the deputy of the Construction Manager if he is temporarily absent.

Communication skills and great perseverance to bring a project to a successful conclusion are important in this position.

Distinguishing main and side issues during the project and reporting this back to the Construction manager gives the team the space to stay focused on the right things and to complete the project within the set time and budget. In this position, the step to Mechanical Superintendent and then to Construction Manager is a realistic option.

Tasks and responsibilities

Lead part of the project and make decisions in the best interests of the client.
Manage the relationship with the engineering offices, suppliers and contractors within the set implementation plan.
Ensure effective communication between the project team and the various departments of the client.
Develop the implementation plan for the project.
Report on the status of the project.
Follow and comply with applicable safety and government requirements.
Manage project risks.
Ensure the right staffing during the project.
Actively think along about possible long and short-term goals for the department.
Provide technical backup to the maintenance and operations department while executing projects.

Job requirements

  • HBO technical direction / Knowledge of Projects
  • Knowledge of relevant laws and regulations
  • 8 years of relevant work experience in the petrochemical industry and managerial experience
  • Knowledge of Dutch and English in word and writing

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