Training and courses

Do you want to follow an education or training?

You are already a professional so we don’t have to tell you how important it is to keep developing yourself. Legislation in the (petrochemical) industry is constantly changing and that requires up-to-date knowledge and skills to perform your work properly and efficiently. An education costs time, money and energy, but it is worth it if you develop yourself further with it.

Create opportunities

By developing you can make better use of your talents and it will be possible for you to take on new challenges. For example, growing in your position, taking on other tasks and responsibilities or perhaps switching to a completely different position. All this is possible at TC. If you enjoy your work, you get more satisfaction and energy from it. That is very important, because you take happiness at work home with you.

Improve the quality of your life

By continuing to develop yourself, you not only improve your work, but also your life. New knowledge and skills can also help you solve challenges in your daily life.

Support from TC

We believe it is important that employees continue to develop and we make a budget available for this. Discuss with us which study you want to follow in order to achieve your goal(s).